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  Schema for SNP(091118) - SNPs at chromosome(version of 2009/11/18)
  Database: bosTau4    Primary Table: snp_pos_20091118    Row Count: 7,004,596
fieldexampleSQL type
bin 585smallint
chrom chr1varchar(255)
chromStart 833int unsigned
chromEnd 834int unsigned
name c -> avarchar(255)
score 0int unsigned
strand .char(1)
thickStart 833int unsigned
thickEnd 834int unsigned
itemRgb 6684927int unsigned

  Sample Rows
585chr1833834c -> a0.8338346684927
585chr1864865g -> a0.8648656684927
585chr1914915g -> n0.9149156684927
585chr124672468c -> t0.246724686684927
585chr138463847a -> c0.384638476684927
585chr138823883t -> n0.388238836684927
585chr140274028t -> c0.402740286684927
585chr141534154c -> g0.415341546684927
585chr142624263c -> a0.426242636684927
585chr143994400g -> a0.439944006684927

Note: all start coordinates in our database are 0-based, not 1-based. See explanation here.

  SNP(091118) (snp_pos_20091118) Track Description
  Description: This track contains the customized SNP information(Data Version of 2009/11/18).