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  Schema for author
  Database: bosTau4    Primary Table: author    Row Count: 127,778
Format description: The authors associated with a genbank sequence
fieldexampleSQL type info description
id 0int range Unique numerical id
name n/alongtext values LastName,F.I format. Separated by commas and 'and'
crc 2299int unsigned range Checksum of name, which is used to speedup the update of this table

  Connected Tables and Joining Fields
        bosTau4.gbCdnaInfo.author (via author.id)

  Sample Rows
1Nakabachi,A. and Ishikawa,H.988221601
2Taguchi,S., Ogawa,T., Endo,T. and Momose,H.3820087726
3Taguchi,S., Ogawa,T., Okuno,Y. and Momose,H.598862393
4Kobashi,N., Nishiyama,M. and Tanokura,M.995549120
5Chu,G.C., Katakura,K., Zhang,X., Yoshida,T. and Ikeda-Saito,M.2957908767
6Seya,T. and Matsumoto,M.3954796549
7Noda,S., Ohkuma,M., Usami,R., Horikoshi,K. and Kudo,T.1782257873
8Senejani,A.G. and Gogarten,J.P.2873840855
9Song,E.K., Kim,H., Sung,H.K. and Cha,J.2458819387

Note: all start coordinates in our database are 0-based, not 1-based. See explanation here.