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  Quality Scores Track Settings

Cow Sequencing Quality Scores

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Track height: pixels (range: 16 to 128)
Vertical viewing range: min:  max:   (range: 0 to 100)
Data view scaling: Always include zero: 
Windowing function: Smoothing window:  pixels
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Data last updated: 2017-01-19


The Quality Scores track shows the sequencing quality score (range: 0 to 99) of each base in the assembly. The height at each position of the track indicates the quality of the base. When zoomed out to a large range, the heights reflect the averaged scores. Scores of 40 or higher reflect high confidence in the sequence (with an error rate of less than 1/10,000); scores of 20 or higher reflect reasonable confidence (of working draft quality).

This track may be configured in a variety of ways to highlight different aspects of the displayed information. Click the Graph configuration help link for an explanation of the configuration options.


The quality scores were provided as part of the cow assembly. The database representation and graphical display code were written by Hiram Clawson.