Official Mirrors

UCSC supports and maintains an official European mirror:
Users will automatically be redirected to the European mirror based on their geographic location. After redirection, users will be given the option to return to the U.S. server. Please see the genome-euro page for more information.

  Third-party Mirror Sites

UCSC collaborates with the following groups to provide mirror sites that may be used during network or power outages on the UCSC campus.
Please limit the use of these sites to occasions when the UCSC or Official European sites are unavailable.

Aussie Map Australian Mirror Sites

The Genomics Virtual Lab (GVL) maintains a full mirror that is updated regularly with the latest data from UCSC:
Thank you to Genomics Virtual Lab (GVL) for setting up and supporting this mirror.

Euro Map European Mirror Sites

The Department of Molecular Medicine (MOMA) at Aarhus University, Denmark maintains the following mirror:
Thanks to Jakob Skou Pedersen for providing and maintaining this mirror.

NAmerica Map North American Mirror Sites

The Simons Center for Quantitative Biology at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) maintains an up-to-date site that mirrors most of the more recent assemblies available on the UCSC Genome Browser site:
This mirror may contain additional CSHL-generated annotations in addition to the standard UCSC tracks. Many thanks to Adam Siepel at CSHL for providing this mirror.

  Mirroring the UCSC Genome Browser

If you are interested in mirroring the UCSC Genome Browser at your site, see our Mirror Procedures. A license is required for commercial download and/or installation of the Genome Browser binaries and source code. No license is needed for academic, nonprofit, and personal use. To purchase a license, see our License Instructions, or visit the Genome Browser store.

Mirror site questions may be directed to the mailing list Messages sent to this address will be posted to the moderated genome-mirror mailing list, which is archived on a SEARCHABLE PUBLIC Google Groups forum.

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