NGRC_Rice_Omachi Genome Browser

NGRC_Rice_Omachi is a database that provides information of SNPs and InDels between Oryza sativa L. cv. Omachi and Nipponbare genomes. We integrated the physical positions of Omachi sequence, including SNP and InDel information, into the annotated the Rice Annotation Project Database release 2 ( in GBrowse, which is customized and maintained by the NODAI Genome Research Center (NGRC), Tokyo University of Agriculture.

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Yuko Arai-Kichise, Yuh Shiwa, Hideki Nagasaki, Kaworu Ebana, Hirofumi Yoshikawa, Masahiro Yano, Kyo Wakasa (2011) Discovery of Genome-wide DNA Polymorphisms in a Landrace Cultivar of Japonica Rice by Whole-genome Sequencing. Plant Cell Physiol. 52:274-282.

SNP list (10.6 MB)
Insertion list (1.2 MB)
Deletion list (1.4 MB)
Gene list of including SNPs (57 KB)
Gene list of including InDels (29 KB)

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